Finca Barbosa Medellin antioquia Colombia Information

A Finca is a name for a Farm in most cases a recreational country house. La Finca Los Guamos is located in the area Isaza in the village Barbosa in a distance of 30 km near Medellin Antioquia Colombia. It contains 35200 SQM equal to 3,5 ha or as one say in Colombia 5,5 "cuadras". The style of the land is half rolling with flat parts.Its a countryside style with forestal ambience ,lots of fruit trees and a beautiful garden. In a general term of speaking its s ecological recreational ambience. It contains two houses,recently remodelated and upgraded, a swimming pool , a private road inside the land, a kiosk with a chimney, two waters always supplying from the mountains. Further a water service from a local water housing supplier. The lighting is something special with fully led ambience a lots of reflectors and over 20 beautiful concrete lanterns. Beside te internal road connection between the two houses there is a historical walking path with lights. Recently a fountain was added in a very descent safe contruction and overlapped with a walking bridge. Apart from the main house there is a store construction with a lot of space. The entrance is easy entering a secondary paved road and nearby (in sight) a new highway connecting directly to Medellin.Indside the Finca there is a parking lot.